Shift has evolved.

Shift Auckland is now Digital Arts Network.

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Our Approach

At Digital Arts Network, we help clients create more rewarding digital experiences.

Through a rigorous focus on user needs and business outcomes, we deliver user experiences that build brands and businesses.

Mobile and responsive web design demand new approaches to digital design. The traditional suite of design deliverables and practices no longer meet the needs of clients or users.

At Digital Arts, we've developed a collaborative design process that places the user at its centre.

We focus on outcomes

We always start at the end – by ensuring we have a clear understanding of the desired outcome for a project, and exactly how success will be measured.

We focus on users

We are a user-centred design practice; we focus on users’ needs to meet clients’ goals.

We believe you cannot design for user experience without engaging users in the design process. That means user research and design testing are foundational activities, not optional extras.

We learn through making

In the race to innovate, we believe iteration is as important as inspiration.

Prototypes provide the best basis for rapid iteration of concepts and designs. And they enable collaboration and alignment better than traditional paper-based deliverables.

We collaborate

We believe in the old maxim: "none of us are as smart as all of us."

We've learned that cross-functional teams working closely together produce better work than a succession of specialists.

This means more minds -- including clients and partners -- working simultaneously around a problem. And frequent validation with the wider team.


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