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Dan Cornwall

Account Strategist

While Dan's original background was in communications and marketing, building websites was always a passion for him.

With twelve years experience in the digital and software industry, he's found that businesses need not just the technology but someone who understands how to use it to serve their business and customers.

There's a way to do it better - find it.

Thomas A. Edison

Dan has worked at a number of New Zealand's most successful software companies, including Right Hemisphere, Marshal Software and Touchpoint. His roles have varied, including working as a web designer, developer, communications and marketing, software trainer, project manager, solutions architect, account manager, business analyst and software product manager.

His skills lie in analysing business needs and solutions from the many facets of the big picture, right down to the complexities hidden beneath. His experience in a range of roles makes it easy for him to understand the needs and points of view of different stakeholders. Meanwhile, his background in the technical build of products has enabled him to design solutions that are realistic and achievable.