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Sandrine Perenes

Front End Developer

Not only is she our #1 resident French import, Sandrine is also a highly experienced and versatile front end developer.

Sandrine is highly conversant in all front end programming languages, and has an intricate understanding of how her work relates to all other aspects of development on a project.

She's always interested in learning and discovering more and, will never, ever, ever give up whenever she encounters any challenges.

Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.

Jean-Paul Sartre

She’s freelanced remotely for clients in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and France, and likes to refer to herself as 'The French Frontie'.

Sandrine is ecstatic anytime she plans a holiday, and is in love with her 27-inch Retina display monitor. She plans to hand-carry it on the plane on her upcoming trip to Bali.