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AA Insurance Windscreen Claims

A research-driven overhaul improves AA Insurance's call-centre efficiency.

The challenge

As a result of an efficiency audit , AA Insurance found that one of the simpler transactions - routine claims for damaged windscreens - were taking an unacceptably long time. Further investigation showed that the complexity of the existing process  for windscreens contributed to longer training periods for new staff, who would cut their teeth on these basic claims.

AAI approached us to develop a solution.

Dan Cornwall immersed himself in AA Insurance's call centre processes, ensuring the solution we created would solve all the problems the call centre staff were having.

Lawrence Brock Account Director

Researching the problem

We needed to understand exactly what was causing the delays, so our first priority was working through the existing process with AA Insurance staff. The first problem was  the large number of “required fields” that were mostly irrelevant to windscreen claims. And to make things worse, there were no designated fields to store specific windscreen claim information.

The claim details also had to be entered in a very specific order, which we found was quite different from the order claimants tended to follow when talking to the call-centre staff. In fact, staff had adapted by not using the interface at all during most of their conversation with the claimants. Instead, they would jot down the relevant details from the claimant as they came. After the end of the phone conversation, AA Insurance staff would spend almost as much time entering the data in the correct order as the call had taken in the first place.

Digital Arts Network business analyst Dan Cornwall embedded himself with the call-centre staff, learning everything he could about the specific needs and objectives of the business and users. AA Insurance’s head of business systems, Dan Wilkinson, jokes that Dan now knows more about organisation's inner workings than many of the staff.

  • Dan Cornwall talking to the call centre staff
  • Listening to phone calls
  • Card sorting claim information

Simplified solutions for maximum efficiency

Armed with this research, we set about developing a browser-based interface specifically designed for windscreen claims. Informed by Dan’s experience on the ground at AA Insurance, we created a new process that allowed staff to enter relevant details as they were provided by claimants on the phone, streamlined with no irrelevant fields, allowing staff to complete the forms by the time the call was finished. Prototypes were deployed and tested in simulated scenarios with real staff, and the system was further refined on the basis of that testing.

The result

Deployment of the new process and interface had an immediate and massive impact to AA Insurance’s call centre:

  • Staff morale increased as a natural consequence of a less stressful and cumbersome process.
  • The data collected was of a much higher quality, which reduced further inefficiencies later in the claims process.
  • Training time for new staff was greatly reduced.
  • Most significantly, time spent on these common claims was cut by two-thirds.