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Adidas - Super Obsessed

Super Rugby meets super-slow-motion

The Challenge

2011 marked the first year that adidas has offered a full compliment of Super Rugby supporters' gear. Our challenge was to create something that was something genuinely entertaining and interesting to our target market whilst providing the necessary functionality of a catalogue.

The Solution

We decided to bring the fans and players together in a perfect demonstration of adidas' brand behaviour of 'all in' – the celebration of players and fans passion for sport. We'd have the fans all wearing the latest adidas gear, and allow for the user to interact with the super-slow-motion footage in order to discover more about each item through dynamic hotspots.

A New Form Of Interaction

We need to be able to play the video in both directions, and at different speeds so we had to utilise specific video codecs and key-frame techniques, and also required us to control the amount of action and movement during the shoot in order to fit within suitable bandwidth envelopes whilst still providing a full-scale experience for NZ users. We also made further bit-rate savings by adding the rain effect as a separate video layer that plays over the standard video.

We wanted the user experience to be single-mindedly focussed on the hero video element, so we needed to distill a number of interface elements into a simple intuitive device. This innovation took the form of a 'product scrubber' that looks much like a traditional product carousel at the bottom of the video, but also acts as a regular video scrubber, moving the playback head to the appropriate point in the video. It also acts as the buffering indicator, showing how much of the video has loaded.


Our resulting design was a rich, entertaining and interactive video experience for our target audience, that was the perfect embodiment of adidas' brand values and also their adidas' objectives to merchandise and connected to retail outlets.

We had around 10,000 views of the Super Obsessed site, and had over 2,000 individual products interacted with and explored from within the videos.