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ANZ Banker Workbench

Empowering staff to give better, faster, more personalised customer service


ANZ frontline customer service staff field a huge range of customer queries every day – from providing account information, advice on products and services; through to updating customer details and checking account transactions and balances.

The ANZ’s existing customer service platform was complex and not user friendly –staff often having to use multiple legacy tools to complete common tasks, keeping
customers waiting while they navigated their way to appropriate information.

ANZ asked us to help them simplify the platform, create a single view of the customer and importantly shift staff focus off the technology and back onto delivering a more engaging service experience for customers.

The Brief

How might we consolidate multiple standalone internal staff tools into a single, integrated, productivity suite, and empower ANZ’s diverse 5000+ workforce to address customer needs more easily and efficiently and:


  • Define a consistent and optimised user experience architecture for staff,
  • Reduce duplication of tasks, reduce processing time,
  • Give staff the right tools to enable them to be rated #1 in customer service among New Zealand banks.

The Approach

Working in partnership with ANZ’s digital team, through research we identified a set of primary and secondary design problems (aligned to user modes, needs and pain-points) then created a complete foundational design system and scalable experience architecture which provides information and consistent actions for staff.

Our process included:

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Strategic design research and insights
  • User testing
  • Interaction design validation
  • Interaction and visual design
  • Front-end development
  • Rapid prototyping

The Execution

Release one of Banker Workbench (BWB) – is now a simplified, coherent system that enables customer service staff to manage higher volumes of requests more efficiently and importantly, let’s them get back to focusing on delivering great customer service.
Features and benefits include:


  • Single view of the customer with standardised actions.
  • Simplified navigation, faster access to key customer information and data.
  • More user friendly interface that staff actually enjoy using.
  • Increased system speed and reactiveness – improved productivity.
  • Faster, better customer service interactions.

Banker Work Bench release one outcome

Across 10,000 appointments booked month, we reduced appointment booking time from 8 mins to 2 mins on average, That’s 3,000 working hours saved.

On tested prototypes, we have a consistent range of 85–90% avg. task completion rate across various tests and banker tasks on first system exposure and a consistent 90+ avg. SUS score across multiple tests, increasing complexity. Most of all the staff
loved using it:

All I can say is WOW what a difference! Usually I dread branch appointment calls, but now I look forward to them. These calls have gone from 10mins long to 1min!