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ANZ Home Loans Online

Through relentless user research and testing, we developed Home Loan Calculators that answer real users' questions.

The Opportunity

ANZ sought to increase the effectiveness of their online Home Loans lead generation process. 

They identified a clear opportunity to improve the online Indicative Pre-approval application process, increasing form completion rate.

They also sought to provide a set of Home Loan calculators that were more helpful to home buyers, through improved relevance, usefulness and usability.

Finally, they sought to drive more leads from those calculators – in particular, to the online application form.

Our Approach

Through user research, we created an engagement model that identified the different needs of priority Home Loan buyers.  We identified their key questions, issues, and drivers within the decision lifecycle. We also started to map the natural language and mental models of buyers to the language and business rules of the bank.

We conceived a range of potential calculators, addressing different buyer challenges. These were workshopped with ANZ, leading to a prioritized set of calculators and features.

We then worked through four weeks of rapid iterative design -- developing prototype calculators and application form, and testing the designs with real users.  Testing was conducted every second day, across mobile, tablet and desktop, with each calculator undergoing numerous rounds of design and testing during interaction design.

This process drove continuous improvements to the calculators' designs. It also drove continuous tweaks to the language of questions, prompts and field names to optimise the user response.

  • A mobile-first form design dramatically increased completion rates.

The Solution

We designed three new Home Loan calculators addressing three key questions:

  • What will my home loan payments be?
  • How much will the bank lend me?
  • Can I afford to move house or renovate?

The calculators and Indicative Pre-approval form act as a connected family, with data passed between them to reduce user effort, and facilitate planning scenarios using multiple calculators.

The calculators provide initial answers based on minimal information, but offer more refined results when users provide additional details.

Each tool has clear onward actions: answering related questions with other calculators, encouraging contact, or driving use of the indicative pre-approval form.

This form leverages the calculators to pre-fill fields, reducing completion time. And through extensive testing, strikes a careful balance between form length and lead quality.


Together, the new calculators and Indicative Pre-approval application form have led to significant improvements in engagement, and growth in leads generated.

Analytics show that users of the calculators are more likely to complete the application process. And mobile users are now almost 8 times more likely to complete an application than under the previous process -- demonstrating the benefits of a mobile-first responsive design approach.