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Tourism New Zealand - Nikon 360

Offering visitors previously unachievable perspectives - made possible by 360 video technology

The Brief

Touurism New Zealand worked with Nikon and Facebook to create the 360 video content.  Our role was to create the interactive experience that 'housed' it on

The Challenge

Keeping users focused on the desired aspects of a scene where you no longer have full control over the viewing frame was a new challenge for directors, and one we focused on to give the best user experience

Technical Solution and Craft

A technically complex project involving synchronising three discrete layers of functionality - 360 video, interactive hotspots, still imagery & content into the overall website layer build for global scale and performance, to deliver a cohesive intuitive experience on

Experience Features

  • The user experience and technical performance reflected the values as the rest of the site
  • Interactive hotspots guide users to key points of interest
  • A mobile first responsive design system
  • Micro interactions were refined to ensure the experience felt intuitive and enjoyable to use
  • Loading performance delivered content within micro seconds to users worldwide

Our capability on this project


Experience Design



Design Sprints

Rapid Prototyping

Full Redesign



Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Prototype Design and Build

Visual Design

Motion Design

Back-End Development

Front-End Development

Project & Programme Management