Design Maturity Benchmark

We survey New Zealand organisations to find out how mature their design practices are and where they can grow.

Submissions for 2021 are now open.
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Last year’s report

The four biggest opportunities to level up design in your organisation.

Opportunity 1

Include internal teams, especially frontline staff, in design activities

While many businesses have adopted human-centred design practices, few are turning the lens inward to drive operational efficiencies and improved end-customer experience.

Opportunity 2

Share stories about how design has improved business performance

For design to influence business strategy, design leaders must continually show evidence and tell compelling stories of how investment in design improves business outcomes.

Opportunity 3

Agree and implement quality standards and scalable process

Design teams can amplify their practices by auditing and consolidating design tools and processes and implementing quality standards across the organisation. 

Opportunity 4

Measure the return on investment of design effort

The recognition of design value is lacking in New Zealand businesses, due to low levels of performance measurement, particularly monitoring return on investment of design effort. 

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