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In this time of uncertainty, will your organisation be equipped to read the changing landscape and adapt successfully? Our four modular approaches are designed to arm you with knowledge, a path to action and a vision to the future.


Everything has changed. How is your world different?

How have the needs and behaviours of your customers and staff changed? What new opportunities have emerged? We’ll mix the best of both data-led and human-centred discovery techniques to pull insightful numbers and narratives to the fore. It’s the foundational work for uncovering the new parts of the puzzle in a lean, rapid approach.

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative field research
  • Analysis and insights
  • Recommendations and next steps
Best for:

Things have moved quickly and I need to know what to focus on next


2 weeks per focus area

Let's uncover insights


Every organisation has good ideas. Let’s turn them to action.

If research gives us the foundation, the next step is to move quickly to market by building iteratively, testing and learning with real users. We use collaborative workshops and sprint activities to create and adapt features and services, hitting the sweet spot of speed and focus with minimal risk. By the end of each cycle, we’ll have at least one validated idea that can be used as a baseline for new processes, products and services.

  • Decision jams
  • Design sprints
  • Hypothesis creating and testing
  • Prioritisation
  • Prototyping
  • Running lean with a small dedicated team
Best for:

I have an idea, but I want someone to validate and build it


1 week per sprint

Let's take action


With customer behaviour in flux, this is not the time to set-and-forget.

Market offerings must be able to adapt to their environment to be successful. We help keep your finger on the pulse by measuring and optimising experiences in your ecosystem, whether those are digital products or service offerings. We’ll help you understand if it works and how we can make it better.

  • Create measurement frameworks
  • Journey mapping and blueprinting of existing experiences
  • Compare to existing quantitative and qualitative data
  • Identify product and service blockers
  • Ideate optimisations and alternatives
Best for:

I’ve built something, but I want to make it better


1 week per focus area

Let's improve


Urgency demands attention, but today’s success is built on tomorrow’s foundation.

Taking learnings from your own experience and comparing them to other industries helps bring about trends and insights that can drive the right investment choices for the longer term. Our research, analysis and strategic forecasting approach can help inform product roadmaps and create visions. We’re here to build shared momentum and drive cohesive strategic decisions. 

  • Trend and behaviour analysis
  • Product and service roadmaps
  • Feature prioritization
  • Investment recommendations
  • Forecasting and strategic planning options
Best for:

I have many moving parts and I need to know where we should be headed


4 weeks per project

Let's create the future