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Optimising airline notifications

Optimising airline notifications to make sure you don't miss your flight.
Busy city street
Picture this.
Caroline has booked a flight from Auckland to Frankfurt with a transfer in Tokyo. The only catch with this booking is that Tokyo has 2 airports, Haneda and Narita. Caroline only has a few hours to transit between airports or she will miss her connection.

Travel itineraries contain lots of information, acronyms and codes. One of our clients, a national airline, sought to optimise their pre-checkout itinerary by improving the placement and visibility of content. As with the example above, missing key details can impact your travel experience, to the point of not being able to travel.

Disruptions to customers plans on the day of travel are extremely stressful for them, as well as a source of calls to the contact centre, more work for ground staff and lost revenue.

Messaging ‘volumes’

With something as information-dense as an itinerary, small details can often be lost when scanning a page. The ability to easily differentiate between information that is of mild importance and something that is critical allows the customer to assess the impact on their travels and make decisions accordingly

During this 5 week engagement, DAN developed ‘Nudge, Wave, Shout’ as a volume-based framework with accompanying visual components to match the severity of impact. 

Aligning our language

During discovery we involved frontline staff in workshops to determine priority messages and sort them into levels of “volume”. Establishing this common language drove alignment and enabled the project team to prioritise the messaging scenarios quickly.


Over 5 weeks we delivered:

  • A communications framework that can be scaled across multiple project streams in the business.
  • An optimised itinerary layout
  • An easy way for customers to understand what is important using visual components matching severity of impact.
  • A common language to support internal collaboration.

The airline is now moving into delivery, with the first rollout on the Review and Pay screen.  The “Shout” component has already been successfully deployed for important messaging during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We learned a lot about customer pain points and disruptions through this project, and even a couple of surprises. Who knew there was such a thing as a “multi stop open JAW” trip or that some people choose flights based on how many points they will earn.